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Optimum just took away your entire STARZ and STARZENCORE channel lineup.

If you’re one of the millions of fans of STARZ Originals like Outlander, Power, Ash vs Evil Dead and American Gods, you may be forced to find a new cable provider.


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Starz Encore

Take Action

Never underestimate the power of a phone call.

You can make sure Optimum brings back your favorite STARZ Originals. While every action helps, phone calls are the biggest way to make an impact.

  1. Dial 844-71-STARZ
  2. Tell Optimum you will switch to another provider if they don't bring back STARZ
  3. Say you refuse to pay the same for fewer channels

Make sure your voice is heard by also taking to social media. We’ve made it easy to blow up Optimum’s Facebook and Twitter feeds. Just use the links provided.

The secret to getting a live representative

After calling Optimum and providing your account information, say "change service" to bypass additional automatic system questions and get connected to a live representative.

You can also contact Optimum by email.

Make Optimum bring back your favorite shows. Just click on the button below to fill out the form.

Shows You're Missing

Ash vs Evil Dead
American Gods
The Girlfriend Experience
The White Princess
Black Sails
Black Sails
The Missing
Magic City
The White Queen

Get The Facts

For STARZ to deliver continued programming to your home, we must negotiate agreements with service providers like Altice, the parent company of Optimum.

We know situations like this can be confusing. Below, we’ve tried to clarify some key points. If you have additional questions, you may contact Optimum at 844-71-STARZ.

Optimum has chosen to let their contract with STARZ expire.

That means, if you have Optimum cable service from Altice, you're affected.

Altice is the parent company of Optimum.

Altice purchased Cablevision in 2016. As the parent company that provides the Optimum cable television service, Altice ultimately controls what channels are broadcast to Optimum customers.

Optimum has chosen to drop all STARZ channels, rather than make a good faith effort to work towards an agreement that would keep STARZ on the air for Optimum customers.

STARZ is committed to developing strong, mutually beneficial relationships with our distribution partners, but doing so requires good faith efforts from all parties. So far in contract negotiations, Altice continues to insist on unreasonable and extreme deal terms. STARZ continues to make every effort to reach a new deal with Optimum.

You can make sure Optimum brings back STARZ.

Make your voice heard! Call Altice, your Optimum provider at 844-71-STARZ or send them a message on social media. Just click on the Facebook and Twitter icons on this page, and you can leave your provider a message right now.

You’ve lost more than just STARZ.

All STARZ channels have been taken from Optimum subscribers. That includes STARZ, STARZ Edge, STARZ In Black, STARZ Comedy, STARZ Cinema, STARZ Kids & Family, STARZENCORE, STARZENCORE Action, STARZENCORE Classic, STARZENCORE Black, STARZENCORE Family, STARZENCORE Suspense, STARZENCORE Westerns, STARZENCORE Español and Movie Plex channels.

If you have additional questions, you may contact Optimum at 844-71-STARZ.